Vermin Control in Heywood Designed to Meet your Needs

vermin control in HeywoodWe offer a discreet vermin control in Heywood service that specialises in the control of rats, ants, wasps, mice, squirrels, pest birds, moles and other pests. The prevention and control service that we offer are designed to meet both our domestic and commercial customers’ needs.  Our interdisciplinary team of specialist technicians can deal with vermin control in a two-bedroom terrace to complex sites like food processing plants or hospitals. Our staff is well trained and fully compliant with all the stipulated regulations relating to vermin control. We offer reliable, fast and effective solutions to vermin infestations of all kinds. We appreciate the fact that every site comes with its unique challenges and different types of vermin infestations, that’s why our solutions apply to all types to make them feel unwelcome. The best control is a deterrent. We can assist with preventative measures to ensure the control of any vermin on your property.

First established in 1999, we continue to provide a competitively priced and professional service to all our clients. In Heywood, vermin control starts with a visit our specialist team to your site. We assess the extent of the infestation, and determine the best method to resolve the problem. Using the appropriate control methods according to the type of vermin that is causing the problem, we will have the problem seen to as soon as possible. If wild birds are causing a problem on your building, we use netting of various sizes, post and wire systems, spike systems, Bird-Free optical gel as well as the Avishock electric bird deterrent system. For other types of vermin, we are fully licensed by and are fully insured to comply with the British Pest Control Association standards to provide the most appropriate vermin control measures.

Vermin control in Heywood is easily achieved when you speak to the specialists. We are happy to provide a free, no-obligation quotation when you contact us about vermin control for your home or business. All our vermin control treatments are designed to meet our clients’ specific needs. With our team, you can rest assured that any vermin problem on your property will be a distant memory.

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