Timber Preservation

Woodworm Treatment

What is Woodworm?

Woodworm is the generic term used to commonly describe the larvae stage of wood boring beetles that are seen emerging between April to October. As seasonal pests, woodworm can be found in any house where there is exposed timber.

Pro-kill Environmental have know it is important to identify if you have a woodworm problem and find an appropriate woodworm treatment as quickly as possible.

The four main species of woodworm are:

  • Common Furniture Beetle – Most common of all woodworm species responsible majority of all problems in properties
  • House Longhorn Beetle – Normally found in roofing timbers and this beetle is the largest can cause the most damage in a short space of time
  • Powder Post Beetle – Normally found in damp timber and decay.
  • Death Watch Beetle – Prefers hardwood and causes damage to old buildings

As well as woodworm damage that is clearly visible, there can be damage that the un-experienced person may not be able to see. Contact Pro-kill Environmental for a full damp survey, and the depth of the issue can be identified and treated quickly.

Preventative measures can also put in place which have a 25 YEAR GUARANTEE which is FULLY TRANSFERABLE with the property.