bird management

Pro-Kill Environmental are specialists in pest bird, & feral pigeon control requirements. Our specialist team of technicians carry out installation of various types of deterrent systems combining the visual aesthetics of the building structure with the best suited deterrent systems.

Deterrrent systems used include netting of various sizes, post & wire systems, spike systems & Bird-Free optical gel & Avishock electric bird deterrent system. We have carried out installation works to many buildings from modern architectural structures to buildings of historic importance of grade 1 & 2 listings. We work closely with & advise structural architects on types of deterrents required to suite the building substrate & facade. Pigeon guano & contamination treatment & safe removal are all within our bird management programs.

Feral pigeon live trapping programs can be implicated within a pest bird management program for flock reduction in high pressure areas of feral pigeon activity.

Fully managed culling programs can be implicated by our team of qualified marksmen who hold FAC open certificates.

Here at Pro-Kill Environmental we have the solution to all your pest bird requirements.

No matter how high or where your pest bird infestations are we have the access machinery to get us there, fully complying to IPAF, or if scaffolding is required we have a team of fully compliant PASMA licensed scaffold team.

Traffic & pedestrian management is also undertaken ensuring safety is always paramount every step of the way.

Pro-Kill Environmental is the chosen pest bird installation contractor for many of the North Wests leading local authorities who rely on our guidance and expertise for getting it right first time every time!!