wildlife management

Pro-Kill Environmental offer a fully intergrated & managed program with regards to Wildlife Management. All target species are managed in a fair & humane way abiding to Natural England’s Policy & the Wildlife & Countryside act 1981 (As amended).

Fertility control to all UK dear species are carted for including culling programs against crop & woodland damaged from,

  • Muntjac
  • Red Deer
  • Roe Deer
  • Sika Deer
  • Chineses Water Deer
  • Mole Control

We can also offer field sport event days with our fully qualified & insured instructors from the total novice requiring equipment rental to the experienced fire arms user. Safe use of equipment including a full scheduled event for a single person to group bookings with over night accommodation can be catered for. Gift vouchers are available on request.

Rabbit Control

Under section 1 of the Pest Act 1954 all occupiers of land have a continuing obligation to control Rabbit populations under Section 98 of The Agriculture Act 1947.

Any land owner failing to take action would be liable for prosecution.

Pro-Kill Environmental can offer chemical, or physical control of Rabbits with the use of human trapping procedures, shooting & ferreting to sensitive areas. Integrated management programs can be undertaken for population reduction & long term control.

Urban & Rural Fox Control

Under the current legislation control of Foxes may only be carried out by form of shooting or trapping (with legal snares) or live cage traps. Pro-Kill Environmental always take a objective view to Urban or Rural Fox control. If we can prevent the pest fox / foxes by forms of deterrents or proofing or educating the client with regards to why the issue is occurring is always our first line of approach.

Foxes may take up residence within a domestic premises or school grounds within a residential area. Fox scatt (faeces) may be found littering lawn & playing fields, areas giving of a distinctive odour. Foxes will also take live stock from small holdings & commercial farms.

Diseases transmitted via cross contamination to humans & domestic pets are Toxacarlasis, Sarcoptic Mange.

A full site survey & structured program will be carried out to resolve any Fox problems you may be encountering.

Feral Mink

Feral Mink are a very destructive mammal to commercial fisheries, fish farms or wildlife nature reserves or even residential homes with well stocked ponds. Control measures are by the way of trapping or shooting. A full site survey taking into account all geographical, & potential risk assessments due to public presence will be carried out prior to works commencing.

All control measures by way of shooting are carried out by fully qualified marksman.