Effective Bird Proofing in Blackley for Your Building

bird proofing in BlackleyBird proofing in Blackley makes sense to anybody who has had to fight their way into a building against dive-bombing birds. If you’re a business owner, you probably know that customers are not inclined to slog through bird droppings to get to your door. You may be at a loss to know why the birds find your location so attractive. It seems like the population increases weekly. Resolving the situation only requires a phone call to Pro-Kill Environmental. We know the cause of the attraction. Therefore we take measures to make your building unattractive to the bird population. We serve clients from every sector including government, domestic, commercial, medical and more.

Our multidisciplinary staff stays current with the latest industry training and solutions. For clients in Blackley, bird proofing and treatments for other pest solution requires our staff to maintain full compliance with safe pesticide use regulations. We maintain compliance with British Pest Control Association standards. When commercial customers call us to remedy a bird problem, we perform a site survey and assessment report free of charge. You will know up front how we view the bird problem and based on the location, the methods we plan to use to deter birds from your premises. A cost estimate is included so before you make any decisions, you’ll have all the information needed to do so. You will find, as have many others, that at Pro-Kill Environmental, we get it right the first time.

Many local authorities throughout the North West rely on us at Pro-Kill Environmental for bird proofing in Blackley. We use various deterrent systems such as netting, gel applications birds don’t like and/or a shock system which act as deterrents. To get started, especially with a large pigeon population, we may implement a culling operation to lower the population considerably.   Contact Pro-Kill Environmental, as we are fully equipped with training and equipment to go to great heights to put deterrents in place; even in the tallest of buildings. Part of our management service is the clean up and removal of pigeon droppings and application of contamination treatments.

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