Pest Prevention in Stretford

Pest Prevention in StretfordPest prevention in Stretford takes many forms depending on the type of pest. One solution we apply to all types is to make them feel unwelcome. The best preventative is to never invite them in. Of course, nobody does that intentionally. Pests are looking for food. If they know it’s there, they will find a way to get to it. Rats are especially gifted at breaking into sheds, garages, roofs and trash bins. They are destructive and don’t deter easily. Make sure there is no food in those places. As for the trash bin, be sure the lid is secured at night.

Household pests such as ants and rodents really require people to seal up the food in their homes. In Stretford, pest prevention for rodents is a little more difficult to eradicate. If there is an infestation, we will reduce the number through trapping and poisoning. However, we also seek out their points of entry and seal them. In order to deter rodents, it’s important that your building is well sealed and maintained. It’s best to not leave food out overnight in case they are still nearby. Rodents do not travel far from where they are born and given enough time, they can chew through wood. You want to prevent an infestation by making them unwelcome. Ants are not too difficult to prevent once the source of food is eliminated. Clean floors and counters will send them looking in another direction.

Our pest prevention in Stretford services includes nuisance birds. Birds are looking for a convenient place to nest so we make them uncomfortable. Birds can be quite a nuisance so for them we use deterrents such as netting, Avishock, optical gel and more. If they like the architecture of your building they will want to hang around. Like other pests, don’t feed them. All pests carry disease so prevention is paramount. Once they get a foothold, it’s hard to get them to move on. Contact Pro-Kill Environmental for pest prevention services and to eliminate infestations. We have been established since 1999. Our whole team is highly trained and experienced. We maintain ongoing and updated training and stay compliant with the safety regulations for pesticide use.

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