Bird Proofing in Heywood Helps Protect Your Buildings

Bird Proofing in Heywood Ensure 100% bird proofing in Heywood with specialist help from Pro-Kill Environmental. We understand that though birds are a beautiful addition to our lives, they can also be a nuisance. Bird droppings, nests and nesting materials can cause thousands of pounds of serious damage to buildings, machinery, automobiles, HVAC systems, roofs and gardens. They also pose a health hazard, encourage the growth of microorganisms and bacteria, allergens and other disease causing infestations. Flying birds may pose a danger near airports, their droppings and nests can damage roofs and roofing materials. Birds can also damage machinery and air-conditioning units. Drainage systems can be blocked and roofing systems can sag or collect standing water.

For both domestic and commercial clients in Heywood, bird proofing services that we offer are designed to deal with feral pigeons and pest birds. Our deterrent systems include netting, post and wire systems, spikes, optical gel, electric-shock systems, and more. We also provide live trapping for feral pigeons, culling and pest management programs for flock reduction. Our clients include a comprehensive range of buildings, from heritage structures to modern office blocks, homes, schools, and retail outlets. Nests and nesting materials are dry and flammable, posing a fire hazard. Bird droppings are acidic, causing deterioration of water-proofing materials on the roof. They are also highly toxic if allowed to accumulate. We all know how cars and vehicles can lose their shine and gloss due to constant bird droppings. Pigeons are specially responsible for the collapse of roofing and false ceilings.

Our anti-roosting wire systems for bird proofing in Heywood cause minimum damage to the structure, while remaining relatively invisible. They can last for more than 10 years and are a safe, simple solution to small or early groups. Plastic netting is for larger coverage, and is very effective for most species, but may not be aesthetically appealing. Bird spikes are a good deterrent, but they require regular cleaning and may cause injuries to the birds. Gels are a good option, but they don’t last for very long in our weather. For assistance with effective bird proofing, contact Pro-Kill Environmental. We understand that every bird problem is unique, that’s why we offer customised solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

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