Vermin Control in Altrincham – Necessary for a Safe Environment

Vermin Control in Altrincham Vermin control in Altrincham available from Pro-Kill Environmental is necessary for a safe environment. The word vermin can be used to describe any wild animal that poses a threat to farm animals and crops or that carries disease that can sicken humans and contaminate their food supply. Included under that umbrella are foxes, rabbits, moles and more. However, most people associate vermin with rodents; specifically mice and rats. There are some who view these rodents as more of a nuisance than a threat. They never really rid their living space of them completely especially during cold weather. It’s just an everyday thing to find a rodent or two in house traps and listen to them in the walls at night. The mind set seems to be that you can’t get rid of rodents.

We can agree that rodents are impossible to eliminate completely. That’s why in Altrincham, vermin control, not vermin annihilation, is our goal. Their breeding habits are so prolific that their sheer numbers ensures survival of the species. They’re not just a pretty face either, rats are smart and have the ability to problem solve. Their teeth never stop growing so the need to gnaw through everything including cinder blocks, is constant. They also carry 35 diseases that are transferable to humans through bites, saliva, faeces and urine. That is the major reason we need to control their numbers and rid our living spaces of them. The only way to do that is to roll up the welcome mat.

Vermin control in Altrincham is a multiple step process and frequently an ongoing process that we undertake. We first rid the premises of any infestations through traps and poison. At the same time we work to remove all water sources and points of entry into the home. Remember, they only need ½ inch to get through. That can be a tedious job but good for many reasons. Food has to be locked away because that’s why they’ve come to visit. Without it they’re not much interested in you. So little by little we widened the perimeter around your home with a no rodent zone. It can be done, so contact Pro-Kill Environmental and let us explain our programme to you. You don’t have to live in close quarters with vermin.

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