When You Need Help with Insect Control in Oldham, Contact the Specialists

Insect Control in OldhamThere is just so much you can do on your own toward insect control in Oldham. You can set out ant and cockroach traps.  You can try spraying chemicals around your baseboards and doors. You can treat your structural timbers to stop the beetles and ants that feed on them. You might even see some mild temporary results with these remedies. However, the insects are not really gone. As long as they have a route into your house that is paved with food and water or the promise of it, they will keep coming back. Billions are spent every year on chemical products to rid homes of insects. It does very little good and could actually be harmful to some. At Pro-Kill Environmental, we have been well trained and tested in the safe use of chemicals.

Ridding your home of insects is a multi-step process that requires tenacity and an understanding of how the insects are drawn to your home. In Oldham, insect control for the exterior house also requires diligence. You can knock down a wasps nest and it will reappear. When bees make themselves at home, they need a lot of encouragement to go away and stay away. We deter insects from invading your home and it’s exterior by making it uninviting to them. Even mosquitoes can be controlled by pulling up the welcome mat. Nuisance insects are in our environment by the millions of billions. There is no eradicating them, only controlling them where you don’t want them.

We begin insect control in Oldham with chemical treatments that kill off most of an infestation. Then we set about making them unwelcome by removing their food and water supply. More often than not, this includes the homeowner’s cooperation. Don’t leave food out and uncovered. Be vigilant about cleaning floors and worktops. Eliminate leaks or water seepage near the homes foundation. Repair loose siding and soffits that invite nesting. Then we follow up with periodic checks, inspections and chemical treatments. In this way, your home is no longer appealing to insects. Contact Pro-Kill Environmental if you have nuisance insects in and about your home. We are well versed in the likes and dislikes of most of them. Our multi-step process will work for you.

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