Effective and Safe Pigeon Control in Crumpsall by the Experts

Pigeon Control in Crumpsall For effective pigeon control in Crumpsall, use a professional service. Pigeons rely on humans for food, as well as roosting and nesting sites.  Many people feed pigeons, increasing their dependence on humans for food. They will also roost where there is easy access to food such as roofs, steeples, near any agricultural or commercial site and of course, parks where many people chose to have their lunch breaks. While pigeons are pretty to look at, they are considered a pest. They can carry disease and will foul buildings with their droppings.

Use a professional pest removal company to assist. In Crumpsall, pigeon control can be done using a number of different methods. At Pro-Kill environmental, we have provided our expert services to both the domestic and commercial sectors for many years. Using the most appropriate pigeon and feral bird deterrent, we aim to provide a professional service that is both cost and time effective. Our different types of deterrent systems combine the visual aesthetics of the building structure and the best-suited deterrent systems. When you speak to us about pigeon control, our specialists will investigate your site and decide on the most effective deterrent system to use. These include netting of different sizes, post and wire systems, spike systems, Bird-Free optical gel as well as Avishock electric bird deterrent system. You will also be pleased to know that pigeon guano, contamination treatment and the safe removal are all within our service.

Pigeon control in Crumpsall is not designed to hurt the birds, but rather to effectively deter them from roosting on or near your building. The best method of pigeon control is to ensure that your building is not suitable for them to roost. If you need assistance with pigeon control, contact Pro-Kill Environmental today. Regardless of where or how high the pigeon infestation is, we have the necessary, IPAF compliant access machinery. If it is necessary, we will use our fully compliant PASMA licensed scaffold team. We are also fully insured  to comply with the British Pest Control Association standards to ensure a safe, effective pest control service.

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