Rat Traps in Wilmslow

Rat Traps in WilmslowPro-Kill Environmental use rat traps in Wilmslow as part of a comprehensive plan to rid your home or commercial building of rats. There are several phases to eliminating a rat infestation; some short term methods and others that take longer. Once the current population is under control, the focus is on prevention. Nobody likes rats and for good reason. Thousands of people suffer from rat bites every year. Rats can carry diseases but not only those transmitted by bites. Some diseases, like Bubonic Plague, is passed by rat flea bites; other diseases like Hantavirus, a respiratory infection that is caused by a virus carried in the urine and saliva of infected rats. Humans need only inhale the virus to become infected.

You may not see rats in your environment but you may see signs of their presence. In Wilmslow, rat traps strategically inside and outside a building will give an indication of the extent, if any, of infestation. Some of our traps will hold dozens of rats. That means there are rat urine and faeces present and you could inadvertently become infected with disease. Rats gnaw so if you see such signs on bread boxes and other food containers you’ll know they’re around. It’s all about the food. The rats may live in holes underground or in your house but they invade your personal space for food. They also require a lot of water. If food is inside and water is outside they have a passage in and out. The opening can be as small as a quarter.

By using rat traps in Wilmslow, we will begin a programme to eradicate infestations and if necessary maintain a regular maintenance schedule. Traps and poison around the property perimeter at various distances will bring short term results. For the long term, we add the elimination of water leaks around your homes foundation and water pipes. We seal up all possible openings that give rats access to your home. For your part, keep all food sealed in containers, including pet food and birdseed. Don’t leave food out overnight, seal garbage cans. Contact us at the first sign of rats. We have the knowledge and equipment to solve the problem and with your cooperation, we will get the job done.

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