Bird Proofing in Altrincham

Bird Proofing in AltrinchamFor assistance with professional bird proofing in Altrincham, speak to Pro-Kill Environmental. While beautiful to look at, birds such as crows, pigeons, seagulls and starlings can be a pest. Of these, seagulls and pigeons tend to be the worst species. This is because once they settle in, they’re hard to remove permanently. Once they’ve found their home in your home, they will truly cause a big, smelly mess. In addition, their faecal matter, as well as feathers, are a serious health hazard. Pigeons, in particular, are excellent at adapting. They can easily scavenge for food from your waste and dust bin. These birds are capable of breeding for the entire year. Seagulls like to return to the same nesting location every year. So if they’ve established a nesting site somewhere on your property, they’ll be difficult to remove. In addition, seagulls have a long life span- up to forty years! This gives them plenty of time to keep returning to your home and breed. Don’t let pest birds destroy your home. Get in touch with specialists to deal with this problem.

For homeowners in Altrincham, bird proofing and related pest control services are provided by us at Pro-Kill Environmental. We are experts in controlling pest birds. Our experienced technicians, all of whom are fully insured to comply with the British Pest Control Association standards, will install the most suitable systems to permanently discourage birds from nesting. Some of our bird proofing installations include wire and post systems, bird-free optical gel, spike systems, and Avishock electric bird deterrent. While installing such systems, we make an effort to keep the aesthetics of your home in mind. Our experienced team also provides live feral pigeon trapping, pigeon dropping and contamination treatment as well as removal.

Protect your family’s health and your property with expert bird proofing in Altrincham. Contact Pro-Kill Environmental and take charge of bird pests immediately. We also provide commercial pest management, wildlife management and timber preservation. Our domestic pest management services include treatment for wasps, moles, bedbugs, cockroaches, mice, ants and fleas. Deal with pests by applying a permanent and effective solution.

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