Bird Proofing in Manchester

Bird Proofing in ManchesterYou may want to consider bird proofing in Manchester if pigeons and other birds are becoming a nuisance. While beautiful to look at, and delightful to listen to, it is when they start making your roof their home that they become a problem. Bird droppings are unsightly, and as they are acidic, can ruin the paintwork of your building. They also carry the risk of disease, posing a threat to the occupants of your building. If this is the case, it is sensible to speak to a company that can provide a bird deterrent solution before the bird problem becomes too large to deal with.

If your roof has become the local meeting place for the birds of the area, speak to Pro-Kill Environmental. In Manchester, bird proofing is easy when you use the services of professionals. Since 1999, we have provided effective pest prevention, pest control, wildlife and bird management solutions to all our clients, both domestic and commercial. Both fully insured and affiliated to the British Pest Control Association, we aim to provide an effective solution to our clients’ requirements. Specialists in pest bird, as well as feral pigeon control requirements, we make use of a number of different methods to ensure the deterrent of birds who are fast becoming a nuisance. The deterrent systems we use include netting of various sizes, post and wire systems, spike systems, bird-free optical gel, and in extreme cases, the Avishock electric bird deterrent system. We will visit your building to determine the best course of action for your bird problem.

Bird proofing in Manchester is necessary, particularly to maintain the façade of a building. From a modern architectural structure to a building of historic importance, we can ensure an effective bird deterrent and proofing system. If your building is at risk of becoming overrun with feral pigeons, contact Pro-Kill Environmental today for an effective bird proofing solution. We manage an interdisciplinary team of specialist technicians, all of whom can deal with all your pest prevention, pest control and pest management requirements, including bird proofing.

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