Pest Prevention in Crumpsall

Pest Prevention in CrumpsallWhen it comes to tackling pest prevention in Crumpsall there is only so much to do at a personal level. This is where Pro-Kill Environmental comes in. We are equipped to deal with pests such as rats, wasps, bedbugs, mites and more. Our founder’s over 25-year experience has enabled us to gain information and the ability to work in various sectors, both at a domestic and commercial level. This includes the agricultural sector, the construction industry, schools, universities and even hospitals and clinics. Our staff is trained and compliant with up-to-date industry training. This is in addition to Health and Safety. We also take into account the ever-changing regulations relating to safe pesticide use, so as to keep both our clients and ourselves safe.

We believe in quality. This is why in Crumpsall, we tailor our pest prevention around the client’s individual needs and requirements. How we tackle a pest problem in a factory may not necessarily be the same procedure carried out in your apartment or in a nursing home. However, one procedure that is common across the board is site visits. Before we begin any project in a commercial area, a site survey and assessment is carried out then followed up by a cost breakdown and time estimate. Our site visits are free, so if all you need to do is ensure your business has the protection it requires to, we will do that for you in an affordable manner.

Do not hesitate to contact us for all your pest prevention needs in Crumpsall. We are aware that a majority of the time, a call from a domestic setting is usually when the damage is done and there are pests around the house. This is why we strive to arrive as fast as possible, usually scheduling a site visit for the same day. We also have a free phone line if all you wish to do is get advice in regards to pest control. For more information, call Pro-Kill Environmental. Let us help you solve your pest invasion before it becomes too large.


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