Wildlife Control in Chadderton

Wildlife Control in ChaddertonWildlife control in Chadderton is as important for the well-being of the animals as well as the land owners. Rabbits are considered to be pests in large numbers and it is the land owner’s responsibility to keep the numbers in check. We can offer chemical or physical control of rabbits with a number of different methods. We have humane traps and ferrets or we can use our expert marksmen to reduce the numbers. Feral mink are particularly destructive to commercial fisheries, fish farms and wildlife reserves as well as to garden ponds. We can trap or shoot the animals in areas where they have bred out of control.

When you need to prevent animals from destroying your woodlands or stealing poultry in Chadderton, wildlife control needs to be seriously considered. Foxes are probably one of the most common wildlife pests. Although they are often enjoyed by residents as part of nature that come into the gardens, they can cause problems. Where it is possible, we try to deter them from inhabiting urban areas as far as we can. We also try fox proofing areas as an alternative to destroying the animals. We find that often the foxes are encouraged into an area by the behaviour of humans and will educate our clients on how to stop the foxes from wanting to live nearby. Fox scat can litter lawns and school yards and are extremely unhygienic. They can also kill livestock and small pets.

Wildlife control in Chadderton is beneficial to the animals as well as the land owners. Contact Pro-Kill Environmental today to find out how we can help you reach a humane way to balance the wildlife population in your area. We can offer a system of fertility control for deer of all types to keep the numbers in check. Where there is already a large population we advocate culling the animals to allow for a healthy population that can be comfortably sustained. Once a manageable number has been reached fertility control can keep them under control.

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