Pigeon Control in Prestwich

Pigeon Control in PrestwichPigeon Control in Prestwich is possible with Pro Kill Environmental. You may have given up hope of resolving your pigeon infestation but we have the answers. There are many different approaches that can be taken, and we will recommend the most appropriate to your situation. Do you need a deterrent system? We have a variety of systems such as netting of different sizes, spike systems, and post and wire systems. We also make use of the latest technology such as Bird-Free Optical Gel. This wonder product has been used very successfully on a number of sites. The birds perceive the yellow gel to be fire, according to the manufacturers of this product, and choose somewhere else to land. In other situations we have recommended the use of the Avishock electric bird deterrent system.

If you have problem with feral birds in Prestwich, pigeon control from Pro Kill Environmental is what you need. We can implement a programme to reduce the number of pigeons in your area. In extreme cases we can implement a culling system to reduce the flock. We are fully qualified to run such a programme and will always ensure the safety of traffic and passersby. If necessary we use scaffolding or access machinery to reach those hard to get to places. Never assume that there isn’t an answer to your problem. Rather get our professional assessment first.

We will complete a site assessment free of charge in order to recommend the best means of pigeon control in Prestwich for your business. Call us today and speak to a friendly team member. All of your questions will be answered, and we will ask a few too. Once we understand the extent of your problem, and have properly assessed the premises, we will recommend a course of action. Our multi-disciplinary team has the skill to address any pest problem. We can help with the smallest domestic problem to the biggest commercial project. The impact of pests on your property can range from annoyance and distress, to causing significant damage that can be costly to fix. We will eliminate your problem in a cost effective and professional way.

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