Bird Control Service in Harpurhey, Effective Yet Gentle

Bird Control Service in HarpurheyEffective, affordable bird control service in Harpurhey helps to protect your health and property. Our company has more than a quarter of a century’s experience in this sector. We have an inter-disciplinary team of professionals who provide a 360-degree view of each problem. This means you get the perfect solution that’s targeted to control the species and number of birds in a humane way. We stay in compliance with all the latest Health and Safety regulations while ensuring that we use only safe, top quality products and equipment. Our services are available to the agricultural, hospitality, medical, domestic, construction, educational sectors and more.

When certain types of birds become pests in Harpurhey, a bird control service becomes essential. Birds such as feral pigeons, gulls, doves or house sparrows may collect in large numbers inside or outside your building. They can damage your property by dislodging tiles and leaving debris in gutters and drains. Their droppings are highly acidic and corrosive. Businesses can suffer because of large flocks of birds crowding the buildings and causing a slimy and ugly mess with their droppings. Bird droppings can also be a health hazard, resulting in respiratory problems and allergies. Some birds carry reptiles or lit cigarettes to their nests causing a safety or fire hazard. They may attack people during the nesting season, or be carriers of diseases, bacteria and fungi. Additionally, pigeons and doves are noisy and create a disturbance to home owners and office goers.

Our bird control service in Harpurhey include various kinds of deterrent systems. We first undertake a thorough survey of your premises to determine the nature and size of the nuisance. Based on this, we can give you several options. You can choose the one that matches your preferences and budget. We can use netting, optical gel, electrical shock, post & wire or spikes to reduce or eliminate the problem. Culling programs and trapping systems can also be used in areas of high infestation. Contact Pro-Kill Environmental for more information. We also provide guano cleaning and treatment facilities. Ours is a fully managed program, and we take care to incorporate adequate safety features.

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