Pigeon Control in Altrincham, Effective and Long Lasting

Pigeon Control in AltrinchamFor effective, long lasting pigeon control in Altrincham, get in touch with the specialists. Pro-Kill Environmental has the expertise, experience and equipment to provide domestic and commercial clients with the right solutions. We specialise in pest bird and feral pigeon management and deterrence. While planning the right solution, we also take care to factor in the aesthetics of the building so that there are no ugly features marring the structural beauty. Our portfolio of work includes a diverse range of buildings, from modern high-rises to Grade 1 and 2 listed historical structures.

As in most urban areas, in Altrincham,  pigeon control is an urgent necessity. These feral birds have begun to dominate urban landscapes, mainly because of the easy availability of food, water and safe sites for breeding. These birds can live for between 3-5 years and the pairs mate for life, producing at least 12-15 eggs a year. Young pigeons hatch within 20 days and they leave their nests by 35 days. Pigeons do not migrate away from their home sites. While they look charming, they are a nuisance for most home and office building owners. They attract other pests such as cockroaches, rats and ticks, and their droppings can corrode buildings and metal work. Roosting pigeons pile up debris in pipeworks, shafts, drains and roofs, blocking them and also creating a fire-hazard. Hygiene concerns can arise due to their droppings and feathers. Their droppings also pose legal liability risks when people slip and fall outside a home or office.

Keeping these aspects in mind, it’s important to get the right type of pigeon control in Altrincham. You can use a combination of deterrence and lethal control techniques to reduce the problem. Our team of professionals can conduct a thorough survey and provide you with a report and estimate. We have all the required licenses such as IPAF and PASMA if we need to work at heights or on scaffolding. Contact Pro-Kill Environmental today for more information on pigeon control. The deterrents we use include netting of various types, post, wire and spike systems, bird-free optical gel and Avi-shock electrical bird deterrent systems.

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