Bird Control Service in Preston – Effective, Safe and Affordable

Bird Control Service in Preston Our bird control service in Preston takes care of problems caused by bird pests. We all love birds and with hundreds of species that throng our country, we do all we can to ensure their safety and well-being. However, when birds have to share space with human beings, there is a conflict. They may roost in our buildings, causing damage and nuisance. Some people are afraid of certain species, while others find it disgusting to step into bird poo or have it dropping on them. At Pro-Kill Environmental, we incorporate the latest information and technology to help you deal with bird infestations around your residential or commercial buildings.

We specialise in pest bird and feral pigeon control requirements. In Preston, bird control service teams employed by us conduct a thorough survey of the building. This helps us to suggest the best options. We also pay attention to the visual aesthetics of your building so that you don’t compromise on the beauty and charm of the structure. We focus on deterrent systems such as nets, post and wire or spike systems, optical gel and more. The Avishock system is also used where appropriate. This system doesn’t act like a physical barrier. It modifies bird behaviour by giving a very mild pulse of electric current that gradually trains the bird not to return to that place. Pigeons are a particular form of bird pest that not only damage buildings, but their droppings and feathers can be a health hazard, causing several allergies and infections. Their constant cooing sound can be annoying.

The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 makes it illegal to kill pigeons: that is why we use only repellent or deterrent methods in our bird control service in Preston. Spikes prevent pigeons from finding roosting spots in your building. They usually prefer eaves, rooftops and the sides of buildings to nest or roost. It’s important to modify their behaviour so that they don’t find these places safe or attractive anymore. They will move to other areas and you can regain your peace of mind! Contact Pro-Kill Environmental for assistance with bird control. We can help with bird infestations around your building.

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