Pigeon Control in Bury, Gentle Yet Effective, Done by Experts

Pigeon control in BuryHas pigeon control in Bury has become a necessity for your building? Perhaps they are building nests wherever they can find a suitable place? Wild pigeons can be a nuisance. They collect in large numbers and create a mess. Pigeons will nest in built-up areas because they feel at home living among humans. The problem lies in that they cause damage to buildings and they can spread diseases. The uric acid in their droppings is corrosive and this is what causes damage to buildings. Illnesses related to salmonella and meningitis are caused by the bacteria and ectoparasites found in pigeon droppings. We were first established in 1999 to provide pest control services to all our clients, both domestic and commercial. We have vast experience with pest control as we have a team of specialist technicians who can deal with all your pest control requirements.

For building owners in Bury, pigeon control is best done by an expert team with many years of experience. We are one such team. Speak to us about a free site survey and assessment.  Our team will then provide a report on our findings and the most suitable method to remove the pests. For bird control, we use different deterrent systems such as netting, avishock electric bird deterrent systems and post and wire systems. These have proved to be an excellent choice as deterrents of all birds without harming the birds. We will use the most appropriate deterrent system in keeping with the look and style of the building we provide the deterrent system with.

Pigeon control in Bury is important for the integrity of the buildings in the town, as well as the possibility of illness spread by the birds. Fully managed culling programs are best left to experts. Our team is a qualified team who hold FAC open certificates. Each member of our team complies with the British Pest Control Association standards and we are also CSCS approved members.  If you need a pigeon control service, contact Pro-Kill Environmental. As we belong to the BPCA, you can rest assured that the pest control service we provide adheres to all health and safe standards.

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