Professional Bird Proofing in Blackley, Effective and Gentle

Bird Proofing in BlackleyBird proofing in Blackley may sound inconsistent with human nature. After all, Cinderella was a close friend with her neighbourhood birds. Backyard bird feeders and birdbaths are big sellers. Most people do everything to draw birds to their yard. We like to watch them and hear them sing. The truth is, you can get too much of a good thing and not all birds are desirable, especially if there are a lot of them. When they leave their mess all over your entryway, outdoor furniture and car paint, it’s not so nice. When they build nests all over your property, domestic home and commercial buildings, they can quickly become a nuisance. In an effort to protect their young, they dive bomb anyone who dares to get close.

Perhaps you’ve tried to remedy your bird problem by removing nests from doors and ledges. If so, you’ve discovered in Blackley, bird proofing takes more than nest removal. A new nest is in place almost before you’ve disposed of the old one. Tourists and residents alike sometimes think feeding the birds that have taken up residence in some of our historical sites is a nice pass time. Such encouragement increases the bird population in those areas. Mobs of pigeons are intimidating to most people and in such high numbers, the mess they make is unsightly. What people often don’t realise is that it’s more than unsightly, it’s a health hazard and damaging to property. Birds can carry ectoparasites which, when transferred to humans, can cause diseases such as E.Coli and Salmonella.

Bird proofing in Blackley against bird infestations is essential to the health and safety of all who pass or pause. Besides illness causing parasites, their droppings can lead to infections and the build-up of moulted feathers can cause respiratory issues. Bird droppings contain a highly corrosive acid that damages buildings, roofs, gutters and your car paint. Contact Pro-Kill Environmental so we can explain our successful bird proofing methods. We know how to make your property unattractive to nesting birds so they move on elsewhere. Many measures suitable to domestic homes, commercial office buildings, historic landmarks and high rises are available to us. We will get rid of the infestation and prevent future re-infestation.

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