Insect Control in Rochdale

Insect Control in RochdaleInsect control in Rochdale demands a high level of knowledge of the insects and what works best to control them. Our team has devoted the last twenty years to controlling all types of insects in the home and commercial environment. We also serve the needs of farmers for whom an infestation can wipe out their crop faster than they can plant it. Insect control is a huge undertaking because there are about 20,000 different species of insects that have been identified in Great Britain. Those are just the ones we know about. There may be at least that many still unidentified. Please note, we only talk about controlling insects because so many exist and they breed fast. That said, we are fully equipped to rid your personal space of flying, crawling pests.

Fortunately, the various technologies we have for controlling insects works well on multiple species. For homes and commercial sites in Rochdale, insect control is a systematic process with several steps. We may begin with a series of overall chemical spraying to lower the population which, when left alone, grows fast. Once that is under control we need to find and destroy nesting areas where possible; especially for bees and wasps. Those areas will be treated so the insects do not return. To fully protect your home or office, we need you to make it as unwelcoming to insects as possible. Brick and cladding may need caulking, roofs sealed, screens maintained securely, standing water eliminated, any foundation and roof leaks sealed and rotted trees and fallen branches removed.

The next step in insect control in Rochdale, depending on the insect, is to remove their food source. We will ask that you keep food covered and put away and worktops and appliances clean. Ants and flies love to eat carbohydrates, mosquitoes breed in standing water, earwigs like dead wood and green vegetation. The final step is a regular follow up to stop the insects before they can gain another stronghold. Contact Pro-Kill Environmental if you are bothered by insects in your home, commercial building or farm field. We will provide further information regarding our techniques, the safety of the chemicals we use, our certification for chemical use and why it all works.

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