Pest Bird Control in Oldham

Pest Bird Control in OldhamPest bird control in Oldham has to be approached from several different perspectives. The best solution is buildings designed with built-in deterrents and at Pro-Kill Environmental, we do work closely with architects. However, for existing buildings we incorporate deterrent systems from netting installation to actual culling of the population. Trapping, post and wire systems, optical gel, Avishock and spike are other systems that we may use alone or in conjunction with other systems. Many of our local authorities depend on our expertise at Pro-Kill Environmental for pest bird solutions that work the first time. Pigeons are the most commonly recognised infestation in populated areas because of their scavenger habits and ease around humans. The safe removal of pigeon droppings and treatment of contaminated areas are included in our pest control systems.

Other, less obvious birds can pose a threat as well. For instance, in Oldham, pest bird control is essential around the air intake and filters in a building’s heating and cooling systems. Droppings and feathers can accumulate in these areas contaminating the air circulating throughout the building. We are equipped to manage these infestations. More often than not the pest bird deterrent systems must be instituted at great heights. We take it to the birds using access equipment and sometimes scaffolding. Our team and equipment are fully compliant with International Power Access Federation (IPAF) and Prefabricated Access Suppliers’ & Manufacturers’ Association Ltd (PASMA) licensed scaffold operators. These are the birds that nest high on the building structure and go otherwise unnoticed.

Pest bird control in Oldham carried out by Pro-Kill Environmental is effective in solving the problem. We take safety seriously and not just our own but that of your building occupants and pedestrians. We realise that some do not equate birds with pests. However when their numbers are excessive and they and their droppings become a threat to the health of humans and their presence can interfere with HVAC systems they qualify as pests. Contact Pro-Kill Environmental to manage pest bird problems for your property. We have so many effective options available to deal with the situation. You can be sure that we’ll take the right course of action to achieve resolution safely and effectively.

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