Pest Prevention in Wilmslow

Pest Prevention in WilmslowAt Pro-Kill Environmental, pest prevention in Wilmslow is carried out by making your environment unacceptable to the pest. Pests are destructive in one way or another whether insect or animal. They carry disease, destroy crops, contaminate food and kill livestock. Some will attack humans. The black Plague wiped out half of Europe’s population in the mid 1300’s. It started with an Asian flea hitching a ride on a rat who later travelled to every port on merchant ships. Caterpillars and weevils can wipe out whole crops of grains in the field and in storage. Carpenter ants and termites will eat your house out from under you. Foxes will kill your chickens and even your small dogs. Pests are all around us and since they are prolific breeders we can only control them by learning what they don’t like.

Mickey Mouse and Peter Cottontail have to go before they completely take over your house and garden. In Wilmslow, pest prevention is not firing a gun at every pest you see. You would never get anything else done because ten more would take their place. We rely on a multi-step approach to eliminate and deter unwanted pests. We might begin with an insect eradicator, traps and animal poison but at the same time we do that we work with you to make your home and garden an unwelcome environment. Each species requires a specialised approach but sealing the openings to your home to prevent entrance, making sure screens fit tight, keeping food stored and floors and worktops clean applies to all household pests.

Pest prevention in Wilmslow for destructive garden pets means removing their reason for visiting which is easily available food.  Protect your garden vegetables with chicken wire and we’ll surround it with a rabbit deterrent.  Lock your chickens up and keep your dog in at night. Use sealed rubbish bins. Landscape lighting can help deter larger animals. They will move on to a more careless home. Contact Pro-Kill Environmental and let us know which pests are plaguing your home and garden. We’ll come out and prepare a quote outlining our solution. Most are a combination of two or three approaches and also vigilance and consistency. Which means regularly scheduled applications may be needed. You can expect a successful result.

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