Pigeon Control in Altrincham

Pigeon Control in AltrinchamSpeak to the specialists about pigeon control in Altrincham if these pesky creatures are causing a problem. Wild birds are beautiful to look at, but when the start roosting and breeding in your roof, something needs to be done. Pigeons can be a real problem for any business or home, as they can cause a mess, and can also be a health hazard. Because of their ability to create really large amounts of excrement and to carry disease, as well as property damage, pigeons are largely considered both a nuisance and an invasive species.

If these wild birds are causing a problem on your building in Altrincham, pigeon control is called for. We are specialists in pest bird, and feral pigeon control requirements. Established in 1999, we continue to provide an effective pest removal and prevention service, including pigeon control to both our domestic and commercial clients. We know how difficult it is to deter pigeons from nesting in the roof of your building. Using a number of different methods, we can effectively remove the pesky bird problem and ensure they do not return. The deterrent systems that we use include netting of various sizes, post and wire systems, spike systems, Bird-Free optical gel and Avishock electric bird deterrent system. Speak to us about a quote for pigeon control on your building. We will send a specialist who will determine the extent of the bird problem, and the best course of action to ensure they are removed and deterred from returning. We will provide a competitive quote for the treatment.

Pigeon control in Altrincham is a reliable method of deterring and removing pigeons from your building. For more information and to arrange a site visit, contact Pro-Kill Environmental. We are happy to provide a free, no obligation quote. We have the solution to all your pest bird requirements. It does not matter how high or where the bird problem is, we have the necessary access machinery to get us there. All our machinery is fully IPAF compliant.  Should  scaffolding be required, we have a team of fully compliant PASMA licensed scaffold team. Don’t let the pigeons become frightening in their numbers and use our pigeon control services.

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