Rat Traps in Oldham

Rat traps in OldhamRat traps in Oldham are a solution Pro Kill Environmental will use either alone or in conjunction with poisons and/or site management. Where there are people, especially dense populations there are rats. Is there anyone whose mom did not say where you see one there is a hundred more you don’t see? That will keep a kid awake all night. So if you see one or evidence of rats on the premises, call Pro Kill Environmental right away. It is likely we can come out the same day. We know where to look and what to look for and we will devise a solution to rid your living or workplace of this disease carrying vermin. Traps can be effective in situations where using poisons are not practical. However, we at Pro Kill Environmental are highly qualified and certified in the environmentally safe use of pesticides.

Controlling the rat population is not a one or even two step process. In Oldham, rat traps is one part of a whole. To truly eliminate the threat of vermin the environment must be made uncomfortable and undesirable for them. Rats thrive is damp areas so whether it’s your home or business, the buildings and surrounding premises need to be damp proofed. Entrance points need sealing and all areas kept free of debris. We’ll work the perimeter, extending out as far as necessary to build barriers that one by one will discourage further invasion. Let no one tell you there is nothing you can do. For environmental pests, there is always a way to manage and we at Pro Kill Environmental know them all.

Some people are sensitive about killing any living thing and reject pesticides and rat traps in Oldham. Eliminating vermin like rats is a multi-step process and making environmental changes as a deterrent on your property will help but probably won’t do the whole job. Rodents do not travel far from where they are born and, being prolific breeders, a large population can build quickly near your property. Contact Pro Kill Environmental and lets us begin the process of progressively building barriers to push them farther and farther from your property perimeter. When we are through, your place won’t feel like an accommodating home to them any longer.

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