Pest Control Services in Rochdale

Pest Control Services in RochdaleYou will need professional pest control services in Rochdale when you your home is plagued by insects or rodents. If cockroaches are taking over your home, or if your pantry is invaded by rats, it is definitely time for a pest control service. Speak to Pro Kill Environmental if you are looking for a registered, professional pest control company. Founded in 1999, we continue to provide effective and safe pest control solutions to our may varied clients.

When you can hear rats playing in your ceiling in Rochdale, pest control services can remove the problem. As members of the British Pest Control Association, we are fully insured to comply with their required standards. Usually by the time you decide to contact our professionals, the pest problem has escalated into an invasion. We will send a technician to your home to determine the extent of the problem. He will decide on the most appropriate and safe method to use for the removal of the pests, and to ensure that they do not return. A detailed report will include the action required from us, as well as from you to treat the problem. The report will also contain the cost of the service. Should any minor proofing of small holes and gaps caused by the pests be needed, this, and the cost, will also be included in the report. We know how unsettling a pest invasion is, and we will endeavour to visit your home the same day.

Professional, effective and safe pest control services are needed when rats have moved into your home. For more information on how we can assist you with our pest control service, contact Pro Kill Environmental. Our skilled and experienced technicians are fully compliant with up to date industry training, which also includes Health and Safety. It also includes the often changing regulations regarding safe pesticide usage. We provide a professional pest control service to a large range of clients from all sectors including nursing homes, local government, hospitals and clinics, the construction industry, among others. Why not let us do the same for you?

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