Rat Traps in Bury

Rat traps in Bury Rat traps in Bury are sometimes necessary when you have a plague of rats. There are many types of rat traps available and we will use the one most effective for your unique situation. We have over 25 years of experience in the pest control business and can offer you the benefit of our extensive knowledge. Our first visit to ascertain the range of the problem is usually free of charge. Once we have established just how far reaching the problem is we will advise you on the steps we feel you should take. We deal with many companies that produce food products and it is essential that there are no rodent infestations in their factories. Rats however, are drawn to food sources and we offer not only the trapping systems but also various prevention methods to keep the rats out of the building. This is especially important once the rats that have taken up residence in the building have been caught.

If you are overrun by vermin and need help in Bury, rat traps can soon rid you of the pests. In a domestic situation the approach may be different. We know that you have pets who will investigate any new item that is introduced into your home. This could be lethal for them and so we are very careful to make sure that our traps will not harm your pets. We will investigate the problem before making a final decision on where the rats are coming from and how to deter or dissuade them from infesting your home. We can sometimes use poison to kill the rats but traps are the safest method for preservation of the wildlife in your area. Poison also kills owls and other predators that feed on rats.

Rat traps in Bury are safe and effective. Contact Pro-Kill today and we will pay you a no charge visit. Our highly experienced team will offer various options and advise you on how effective each type of trap is.

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