Commercial Pest Control in Blackley

commercial pest control in BlackleyA contract with Pro KIll Environmental for commercial pest control in Blackley is important for the current tenants and future tenants. When you can show potential tenants that pest control is high on your building maintenance list they will be more likely to lease from you. More importantly, when you contract with Pro Kill Environmental, you get rid of any existing pests and preventions are put in place to eradicate them. You can have the cleanest and best maintained building and pest will find a way in. Once that happens, you have disgruntled people. Call us at Pro Kill Environmental and we will survey your building for signs of pests such as rodents and insects. We will then work up a plan based on your needs for regular service.

As part of our prevention services, during our survey we note areas of your building for access sites that pests may use to gain entry to the building. In Blackley, commercial pest control is an ongoing process of sealing up access sites and eliminating sources of moisture that draw pests. We install monitors or detectors to monitor activity. After each visit you will receive details of any pest infestation, our recommendations for treatment and how the treatment was carried out. We list any pesticides used. Our services are tailored to your needs but if ever there is an emergency, we are on call 24 hours a day.

Rodents and insects are not the only threat requiring commercial pest control in Blackley. Bees can have a huge hive built before anyone notices their activity. Commercial companies can call us to handle the situation as a one off with no contract required. Other instances could be persistent bird nesting over entryways or a family of raccoons taking up residence in your roof awning. When squirrels move in our technicians can be there quickly to handle it. Contact Pro Kill Environmental when pests and wildlife crowd into your space and you need commercial pest control services. We can even relocate the mother duck and her eggs from your decorative flower container before she attacks your unsuspecting customers.

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