Pest Prevention in Prestwich

Pest Prevention in PrestwichChoose Pro Kill Environmental for pest prevention in Prestwich.One reason to choose this company is because they believe in “prevention”. To some of us that means everything. When you really hate rodents to the point of phobia, some pest exterminators do not understand that you expect complete eradication forever. They expect a level of acceptance. Some exterminators think you have to expect there will be mice from time to time. They will come around every month and check your house for signs and set some traps and poison around. That is their effort to control the mice. Now you have dead mice everywhere and isn’t that special? You turn on a flood light and pull on boots for your 3:00 a.m. trek to the loo. Pro-Kill Environmental believes prevention is the beginning.

Mice do not travel more than 25 feet from their home during their lifetime. For homeowners in Prestwich, pest prevention begins within that perimeter.  Female mice give birth to a litter every 25 days. If their little nesting tunnel is under your house a few traps will not make a dent. Pro-Kill Environmental will start bait traps from the outer edges and work their way in. They will be refilled regularly as the mice eat from them and die. It’s like a series of barriers all around your house. Traps are set inside to catch those already in residence. This solution works well to free your home of mice.

For long term success, pest prevention in Prestwich is where Pro-Kill Environmental distinguishes themselves. Contact Pro-Kill Environmental to find out more about effective pest prevention. Your home needs a thorough survey to identify all areas where mice can get in. Pro-Kill Environmental will conduct that survey and even fill the small holes they find. Their survey will also include recommendations for any further repairs that may be required to seal your house. If you want that combination of strategies for a rodent free home, then Pro-Kill Environmental is the company for the job. They believe prevention is possible and they can prove it. They are also BPCA certified. Don’t let anybody tell you there is no way to get rid of all the mice in your home.

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