Bird Proofing in Crumpsall

Bird Proofing in CrumpsallBird proofing in Crumpsall is required when nesting birds become a problem. If they deface your buildings or signage, or leave their guano, feathers or nesting materials on your building ledges and roofs, it may be time to call in professional help. We specialise in removing and preventing bird infestation in your home or business premises. As proud members of the British Pest Control Association and Contractors Health and Safety Scheme, we have the equipment and knowledge to remove them and discourage them from returning.

As a landlord or property owner in Crumpsall, bird proofing will help in the prevention of the birds becoming pests in your area. While we may enjoy the look and sound of pigeons, they do carry parasites and diseases that are transmittable to humans. Bird droppings are unpleasant, and can be a problem as they may cause damage to paintwork of buildings and motor vehicles. Care should be taken to humanely discourage them from nesting in places where they are unwelcome.

If the number of birds gets out of control in your area, give us a call for bird proofing in Crumpsall. We use a number of different deterrent methods to prevent the birds from nesting in areas where they shouldn’t. You can contact Pro-Kill to find out more about effective and humane bird proofing. We use bird free optical gel. This relies on that pigeons are able to see ultra-violet light. The pigeons will see the gel as fire, so regardless of how long the birds have used your roof to nest in, they will abandon it as a suitable roosting place. We also use electronic tracks that transmit mild shocks to the birds to discourage them from roosting on building ledges. Another option is netting that is attached to open spaces to stop them from entering and nesting in the roof, as well as spikes. These can be fixed to roof lines to avoid them from perching. By discouraging the birds from nesting on your building, you can humanely prevent the birds from becoming a pest problem and keep your buildings in good repair.

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