Bird Proofing in Bury

Bird Proofing in BuryBird proofing in Bury can be a necessary requirement for many homeowners. While birds are beautiful to look at, they can cause a number of problems when their numbers get too big. Birds carry many dangerous diseases in their droppings like psittacosis, salmonella and paratyphoid fever. A company that specialises in removing and preventing bird infestation in your home is Pro-Kill Environmental. They are proud members of the British Pest Control Association and Contractors Health and Safety Scheme. No matter where or how high pesky birds nest on your property, Pro-Kill has the equipment and knowledge to remove them and discourage them from returning.

In Bury, bird proofing may be necessary if the birds have grown in numbers. They carry parasites and diseases transmittable to humans. Bird droppings are unsightly, and can be problematic as they can cause damage to anything that they land on. Bird droppings can deteriorate buildings and car paintwork. If bird droppings are not cleaned up quickly, they will attract other pests like rats and flies. Despite being pests at times, birds are still just innocent animals looking for somewhere to make their home and should be treated humanely. Pro-Kill can provide a service that safely removes and wards off these beautiful creatures.

Bird proofing in Bury is done using different methods. Pro-Kill will install various deterrents to prevent the pigeons from making your home their own. One of these is bird free optical gel that works by using the pigeon’s ability to see ultraviolet light. Even if the birds have used your home as a roosting site for years, they will desert the area where the optical gel is placed as it looks like fire to them. To discourage birds from roosting on building ledges, Pro-Kill makes use of electronic tracks that transmit mild shocks to the birds. Netting is attached to open spaces to stop them from entering and nesting in the roof. Spikes can also be attached to roof lines to prevent perching. For more information on environmentally friendly bird proofing methods, contact Pro-Kill Environmental.

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