Pest Bird Control in Stretford

Pest Bird Control in StretfordPest bird control in Stretford is important for the conservation of our indigenous birds.  Feral pigeons have become a scourge to most cities and towns and even rural areas. They defecate all over the buildings which not only leaves a nasty smell but also eats away at the façade. These birds carry a number of dangerous diseases in their droppings like psittacosis, salmonella and paratyphoid fever.  They also love to nest and roost in roof spaces and often fall into water tanks. This can cause serious viral infections in humans. We will install various deterrents to discourage the pigeons from making your home their own. Some of the means used are bird free optical gel that works by using the pigeon’s ability to see ultra violet light. To the pigeons the gel, produced in small unobtrusive dishes, looks like fire and they will desert the places near the gel even if they have used the roosting sites for years.

In Stretford, pest bird control uses many different methods of discouraging birds. Electric tracks deliver mild shocks to the birds and stop them from roosting on building ledges. Netting is fitted to open spaces to deny access to roofing spaces and spikes can be fitted to roof lines to prevent perching. Birds can be live trapped and removed to bring the numbers down and as a final resort we have expert marksmen who will cull the birds in the most humane manner possible.

Pest bird control in Stretford is completed by clean up operations of guano and dead birds and nests. This is done in a sanitary and safe manner and hygienically removed and disposed of. There is no need to put up with bird pests. So many options are available to keep them off your property and homes and stop the mess they produce. If we can safeguard historical buildings we can easily bird proof your home. For more about pest bird control, contact Pro Kill Environmental.

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