Need Bird Proofing in Oldham?

Bird Proofing in OldhamYou will likely require bird proofing in Oldham if your home is constantly invaded by pigeons, crows, sparrows and other birds. Bird proofing is a necessary requirement for many homeowners as it prevents birds from defecating on your windows and clothes. More importantly, some species of birds such as pigeons carry micro insects in their wings which can easily transfer to a human host and make them very ill. In an effort to look for nesting grounds, birds also “make themselves at home” in your flower beds and pots, completely destroying them in the process. Avoid these hidden health hazards and headaches and opt for bird proofing. Where can you find such services?

In Oldham, bird proofing services are expertly provided by Pro Kill Environmental. They are experts when it comes to feral pigeon and pest bird control. Their team of trained and experienced technicians can install a wide range of deterrent systems which can easily blend in with your home’s structure or garden. Some examples of deterrent systems include wire and post systems, bird-free optical gel, spike systems and Avishock electric bird deterrent systems. Pro Kill Environmental has carried out installation of bird deterrent systems on many modern and historic architectural structure and buildings. They will work closely with you and advise you on the type of deterrent system you will need in order to get effective results. Part of their bird management program is pigeon contamination and guano removal. Pro Kill also provides feral pigeon trapping programs in order to reduce flock sizes in areas with high feral pigeon activity. The company also offers professionally managed culling programs which are carried out by marksmen who have FAC certification.

If you are plagued by bird invasions, you will certainly benefit from bird proofing in Oldham. No matter where you reside or the extent of your bird infestation, Pro Kill has the necessary tools and machinery to resolve your bird issues. Pro Kill Environmental is a proud member of CHAS and BPCA. If you need assistance with bird proofing, contact Pro Kill Environmental.

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