Wildlife Control in Blakeley

wildlife control in BlakeleyYou could benefit from wildlife control in Blakeley if feral animals, deer, moles, skunks and other similar animals seem to repeatedly invade your property. Often times, putting up high fences, keeping guard dogs and other deterrent measures aren’t enough to deter wildlife. You can’t simply ignore the issue either because wildlife can unknowingly attack small children or seniors, defecate on your property and cause serious damage. Unless you plan to sit round the clock with a shotgun in the backyard, you have to think of ingenious solutions. It is best to contact experts in these matters.

In Blakeley, wildlife control is expertly done by Pro Kill Environmental. They have a complete integrated and managed system to control wildlife. Their programs target all species and are controlled and managed in a humane and fair way. All of Pro Kill Environmental’s programs adhere to Natural England’s Policy & the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981. The company also provides fertility control to all species of deer in the UK including culling programs against woodland and crop damage from Red Deer, Muntjac, Roe Deer, Sika Deer, Chinese Water Deer and Mole Control. Land owners are required by law to control rabbit populations. Failing to take action will hold the land owner liable. Pro Kill Environmental can assist with this as well. They can use chemical and physical procedures to trap rabbits. Rural and urban fox control is also under legislative procedures. You may only trap or shoot them. Foxes are commonly found on school grounds, domestic premises and residential areas. Foxes can wreak havoc on farms and their scat is often very fowl. Pro Kill uses proofing, deterrents and client education to help clients deal with foxes. They also offer shooting and ferreting to sensitive areas.
If feral animals are constantly invading your property, then it is time to seek wildlife control in Blakeley. Many of Pro Kill’s programs can be used for long-term control and population reduction. Contact Pro Kill Environmental for more information regarding wildlife control.

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