Bird Control in Chadderton

Bird Control in ChaddertonThe importance of bird control in Chadderton is a public concern for residential areas and commercial businesses. Pro-Kill Environmental brings the latest techniques for the control of pest birds such as pigeons to our clients. These birds are more than a nuisance; they carry parasites and diseases transmittable to humans. Each pigeon, on average, drops 25 pounds of feces a year. Look out your window now and how many of these birds do you see? Bird droppings are unsightly, but it also causes damage to everything it lands on if not cleaned up quickly. It can damage your car paint, buildings, and outdoor ornaments. When bird droppings are allowed to collect, it attracts other pests like rats and flies.

In Chadderton, bird control is necessary because they breed prolifically and if left uncontrolled overpopulation results. Likely all of us have fought our way through birds and their droppings to enter a public building because pest control is nonexistent at that facility.  We want to enjoy our gardens, offer a clean, welcoming entry into our homes and businesses and protect the surfaces of our buildings, cars, and ornamentals. At Pro-Kill Environmental, we want to remind everyone to please, do not feed these birds. Keep trash bins tightly closed and do not leave pet food outside. Hang a shiny mobile near your doorway or outdoor family areas to deter the birds.

Many local authorities rely on Pro-Kill Environmental for bird control in Chadderton. We are proud members of the British Pest Control Association and Contractors Health and Safety Scheme (CHAS). No matter where or how high pesky birds nest on your property, Pro-Kill Environmental has the equipment and knowledge to remove them and discourage them from returning. In large populations of birds we will carry out culling to decrease the number of birds and prevent population growth. Culling is necessary for invasive species of birds because they are a threat to native bird populations. They breed so fast and have few predators so they consume the resources needed by local birds. For effective bird control, contact Pro-Kill Environmental.

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