Removal of Pests in Rochdale

Removal of Pests in RochdaleWe’re frequently asked questions about the removal of pests in Rochdale and beyond. As experts in pest control and prevention across the north west, Pro Kill Environmental are always happy to answer any questions our customers may have, and put their minds at ease. One of the most common questions we’re asked is what kind of pests can we help with? The answer is that, thanks to our wealth of experience and highly skilled team, we can control or remove any kind of pest that affects either a domestic or commercial environment. That’s shown by our membership of the BPCA. The British Pest Control Association is the country’s leading trade organisation when it comes to pests and ensures that very high standards are met.

Rochdale removal of pests is often needed by people who have problems with rodents such as mice and rats. To the untrained eye it’s easy to miss the initial signs that you have a rodent problem. These can include droppings, or marks along the floor. Rats have very poor eyesight so often leave greasy marks around the walls that they follow. All rodents gnaw things, so look out for bite marks appearing on things that appear at ground level like chair or table legs. Trails of food are also a warning sign. If you see any of these things you should call our expert team straight away. The sooner the problem’s tackled, the sooner it’s eradicated.

The removal of pests in Rochdale doesn’t only involve rats and mice. Insects can also become a real problem, and once they’ve taken hold can be impossible for non-professionals to remove. Thankfully, we can help by utilising the latest high technology solutions that are incredibly effective at insect removal. Squirrels can also cause a threat, particularly if they nest in your attic, and don’t underestimate the problems that can be caused by pigeons or other birds. Pests of any kind, whether legged or winged, can present a danger to your health, as well as being unpleasant and unsightly. Call us today, and take the first step to a pest free environment that stays pest free for year after year.

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