Rat Pest Control in Manchester

Rat Pest Control in ManchesterWe are frequently asked about rat pest control in Manchester and the north west. People want to know how effective the service is, and whether it can prevent the problem recurring. We’re always able to reassure them that they’ve come to the right people. Pro Kill Environmental are domestic and commercial pest control experts, operating across the Greater Manchester and Lancashire areas. No problem is too big or too small for our dedicated team of experts, as we’ve been providing a full range of services since 1999. We’re proud to be members of the British Pest Control Association, as it means that we adhere to the very highest standards in pest and wildlife control.

Clients who need Manchester rat pest control are often very worried about the situation they find themselves in. Many people have a real fear of rats and hate the way that they look, act and sound. They can also endanger the health of humans as well as pets, as well as damaging the surfaces of your home. Rats are rodents, which means that they’re gnawing creatures. If left to their own devices they can reproduce rapidly and destroy furniture, walls and flooring. That’s why it’s essential to look out for the warning signs of rat or rodent infestation. Have you found droppings on your floor, or scratching and gnawing marks on table or chair legs? Look for marks around the skirting boards, as rats are very short sighted and like to follow the perimeter of a room. If you see any of these signs, call us immediately.

Our rat pest control in Manchester can also be essential for businesses. Rat invasion can spell disaster for a business, especially if it’s customer facing or includes a food preparation area. Our rat control experts can carry out a detailed inspection and analysis of your premises, and determine whether rats or other pests are present. We can then come up with a control and eradication plan that will find the best possible way to remove the problem from your particular premises. We’ll also provide advice on preventing the problem occurring again. For all this and more, contact our team of experts today.

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