Enquiry For Pest Installations In Shaw



We’ve had an Enquiry For Pest Installations In Shaw from a small company who were having problems with an influx of pigeons that were causing a nuisance. Having found us prominently on the Internet and being suitably impressed with our credentials, they gave us a call to see what we could offer.

The company in Shaw, are just one of many we deal with when it comes to pest installations. From an initial-free of charge-survey, we will quote a competitive price regarding the work we will carry out to tackle your pest problem. Whatever the size of the pest installation, you can be assured of a first class service that meets and exceeds your expectations from accomplished professionals.

For pest installations in Shaw and throughout the Oldham and North Manchester area, Pro-Kill Environmental have consistently demonstrated why we are the ‘go to’ pest control experts in the area. Highly qualified, we are fully insured to comply with the British Pest Control Association standards, while being the chosen pest bird installation contractors for many local authorities in the North West.

With a specialist team of technicians, we carry various deterrent system installations that are tailored to the individual needs of the client.

Call now on 0800 0289 715 for more information

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